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    公 告

    Questionnaire for Foreign Experts
    Thank you for your support and participation. This questionnaire surveys working and living conditions of foreigners in China, with an aim to improve services offered to foreign experts. We will keep your answers confidential, and use the results only for research.
    Notice for fill in the form online:
    1、If you are filling in this form online, you may one-time finish it and submit. The answers are unchangeable after you pressed submit button.
    2、If you could not finish the form in one-time, you may save the answers, and the system will give you a code at the same time, please remember the code for further fill in and get all the previous answers back.
    1、Gender: Male Female
    3、Nationality:  Country of origin: 
    4、Level of education (highest completed)
    5、Do you have education experience in China? Yes No
    6、Your level of Chinese proficiency
    7、Your frequency of Chinese use
    8、Time spent living in China (years in total)
    Time spent working in China (years in total)
    Current working place in China city  province
    9、Knowledge of Chinese laws and policies attracting foreign experts
    - Reasons for limited, hardly any, or no knowledge:(indicate any/all that apply)
    Language barrier
    Lack of access to information sources
    Unclear/irrational laws and policies
    Other (specify) :
    10、Have you adapted to live in China
    - If not adapted, The reasons are:(indicate any/all that apply)
    Not used to human relations
    Not used to the working environment
    Not used to China’s culture and customs
    Not used to climate and food
    Other (specify) :
    11、Your life satisfaction level scale is
    - If not satisfied,The reasons are:(indicate any/all that apply)
    barriers of language and communication
    high living costs
    public service is not perfect
    complexity of human relations
    Too much work pressure
    food safety and air pollution etc
    Other (specify) :
    12、Your Email (optional): 
    13、Main reason/s for you to work in China:(indicate any/all that apply)
    Assigned by parent firm
    Optimism about China's development
    Higher level of income
    Expertise can be applied well in China
    Preferential Policies for foreigners in China
    Past studying and living experience in China
    China's history and culture
    Family relations
    Poor labor market outside China
    Other (specify):
    14、How did you obtain your current job in China?(indicate any/all that apply)
    Overseas recruitment organized by the Chinese government
    Overseas recruitment organized by your current employer
    Your current employer's website
    Overseas recruitment advertised by your current employer
    Job search websites
    headhunting agencies
    Alumni, friends and relatives
    dispatched by foreign organization
    Other (specify):
    15、Current employer in China:(indicate type)
    16、Your field/job in China:(indicate type)
    Other (please specify):
    17、Employment contract in China: (indicate duration)
    18、Can you describe the relation with your chinese colleages?
    Do you have conflicts with Chinese partners in your work: Yes No
    19、Level of satisfaction with your employment experience in China:
    20、Have you had any labor disputes with your employer in China? (If yes, indicate any/all that apply)
    Yes (compensation /salary)
    Yes (welfare, benefits, insurance)
    Yes (establishment ,modification and cancellation of labor contract)
    Yes (labor protection, safety;work time;vacaction)
    Yes (resignation ,discharge)
    Other (specify):
    -How do you plan to solve the disputes?
    21、The major difficulties/problems in your work in China are:
    Too much work pressure
    Heavy workload
    Ideas conflict/clash with Chinese partner
    Problem of cross-culture adaption
    Barrier of language and communication
    Other (specify):
    22、Was it easy for you to go through the visa procedures to enter China and reside here?
    No (too many materials required)
    No (procedures too complicated)
    No (procedures too time-consuming)
    No (procedures/instructions too unclear)
    Other (specify):
    23、Upon arrival in China, did you receive a handbook of local information? Yes No
    24、Did you have any major difficulties living in China? Yes No
    Who did you consult? (Specify):
    Who was most helpful? (Specify):
    25、Do you participate in any local activities with Chinese people? (indicate any/all that apply)
    Community activities
    Educational activities
    Activities with friends
    Club activities
    Events with employer
    Internet activities
    Other (specify):
    26、Are you satisfied with your internet access in China? (If not, specify difficulties)
    Yes No 
    27、Accommodation in China: (indicate the type you have most of the time)
    Free-of-charge apartment sponsored by my employer
    Apartment set up by my employer though I pay the rent myself
    Purchase/buy house by myself
    rent house by myself
    Free-of-charge apartment provided by the local government
    Apartment set up by the local government though I pay the rent myself
    Other (specify):
    28、Did you have any major difficulties with accommodation in China? (If yes, specify)
    -your level of satisfaction with your living conditions in China:
    29、Have you used any kind of medical facilities in China?
    Yes No
    -If yes, indicate any/all that apply:
    Public hospitals
    Exclusively foreign-owned hospitals
    Private hospitals
    Sino-foreign JV hospitals
    Undecided, depending on the level of service
    Undecided, depending on location/distance
    -your level of satisfaction with medical services available to you in China:
    30、Insurance coverage in China: (indicate any/all that apply)
    No insurance at all
    Personal injury (emergency, ICU)
    Pension (retirement)
    Medical care (non-emergency)
    Home financing
    Other (specify):
    -your level of satisfaction with your insurance coverage in China:
    31、Do you have any children who go to school in China?
    Yes (at private/experimental school)
    Yes (at public school)
    Yes (at international school)
    Yes, other (specify):
    -your level of satisfaction with the education your children receive in China:
    32、Do you have any accompanying family members who are employed in China?(if yes, specify)
    - If yes, did they find that job easily? (if no, specify the reasons)
    Yes No 
    33、What aspect of the circumstances and services to foreigners in China do you hope to be further improved ?(indicate any/all that apply)
    Work environment, teamwork
    Labor protection, safety
    Salary, welfare, benefits
    Intellectual property rights
    Career development opportunities
    Integration into community and workplace in China
    Other (please specify):
    34、What aspects of your life in China do you hope to be improved? (indicate any/all that apply)
    Living conditions
    Education for children
    Social security
    Medical care
    Chinese training
    Privacy protection
    Financial services
    Other (specify):
    35、Your overall level of satisfaction with your life in China
    36、Are you going to stay in China long-term and settle down here? (If no, explain why you would leave China.)
    Yes No 
    37、Would you like to apply for a Permanent Residence card? (If no, specify the reasons)
    Yes No 
    38、If possible, would you like to apply for naturalization as a Chinese national? (If no, specify the reasons)
    Yes No 
    PART D – Policies and recommendations
    39、Recently, the Chinese government has implemented some new policies to promote the employment of foreigners in China, such as < Measures for implementing the foreign talent visa system > and some local new policies in different areas. Do you know any information about these
    If the answer is A, please give us some your thoughts about these implementation of new policies, do you agree with it? Do you have any recommendations?
    40、What kind of policies and services do you hope the Chinese government could implement to attract foreigners to work and live in China
    41、Use the space below to list your favorite places in China.
    provinces cities
    42、What aspects would you like to know about Chinese history, culture and scenic spots
    (The end, thanks!)